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A Full Service Event and Public Relations Marketing solutions company.

3BG Marketing Solutions’ certified professional staff is experienced in event planning, public relations and marketing. The basis of 3BG Marketing Solutions’ outstanding service has evolved from an interdisciplinary team building approach. Thus, a multifaceted professional team works together to create an environment suitable for all business types and marketing plans. 3BG Marketing Solutions continues to establish and refine agreements with partners to continuously seek additional collaborators and contractors in order to enrich and amplify services available to clientele.

3BG Marketing Solutions


Our special events services, includes press conferences, charity functions, cocktail receptions, company and product launches, designer showcases and more. We plan captivating events that attract broad mainstream exposure that maximizes potential for media exposure and building brand credibility.



Developing and implementing  community  outreach programs including social & community  awareness incentives. We work with organizations to create programs that promote the organization’s image in a positive and  community -oriented way.


Social media is all about organically tapping into the two-way conversation that happens between you and your customers. Our services are designed to ensure this dynamic relationship is maximized so you’re able to strategize and strategically engage your target market across multiple social networks.

3BG Marketing Solutions


We’ll help you syndicate it to the right outlets, or put paid ads in the appropriate places to harvest the attention that your PR hits have earned. We even run straight advertising campaigns such as pay-per-click campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords to supplement earned media and grow your overall audience.


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